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Strateško savjetovanje


The capital acquisition service includes our involvement in the search for financing for your business or project. After analyzing, we suggest the best and most affordable way of financing and, in cooperation with the selected institution, proceed with the creation of the necessary documentation in order to start the realization of financing. 


The project financing service includes the organization and implementation of project financing,  project management and collaboration on the project during the project life cycle.   
Our focus is on investment projects that have the possibility of financing through banks, funds, EU funds and other sources of financing.  

You can hire Bomis Advisory for: 

  • Identifying the project for financing in cooperation with the client - investor (included cash flow generation analysis component and profitability potential);

  • Support the development of the project to achieve the possibility of financing and implementation;

  • Defining the budget and financial structure of the project;

  • Defining the capital structure and financing methods;

  • Creation of all project-financial documents that include financial analysis, financial projections, creation of sensitivity analysis, analysis of costs and benefits, analysis of risks in the project and others);

  • Organization and implementation of in-depth analysis procedures with the purpose of bringing the project to the pre-financing stage;

  • Finding investors and shaping the financial structure;

  • Supporting the client through the stages of project implementation using our consulting, financial and legal expertise.  

We can be involved in the project during the life cycle of the project: 

Analysis and in-depth recording: Preliminary activities that determine the current state of business and create the basis for planning the next steps. 


Strategy and planning: Assist in long-term planning of individual projects or portfolios focusing on implementation and feasibility, aligning with corporate goals and management practices to maximize return on investment.

Financing and public procurement:Mediation in obtaining project financing; creation of complete documentation for financing; project budget management, coordination of all stakeholders in the project; management of the procurement process for the procurement of services, materials or equipment for project delivery. 

Organization and implementation of the project:Setting up the project and coordinating the implementation of the project activities with the project documentation;harmonizing timelines and project deliverables so that the project proceeds according to the previously determinedplan; taking care of all obligations of the client - investor..


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