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EU projects
Proposals, preparation and application of projects to EU tenders &
Project management

Project: Implementation of new ICT solutions for the purpose of improving the company's business processes / Kotač d.o.o., Split/  Invitation: "Application of information and communication technology to improve business processes"

Project:Increasing efficiency by purchasing new construction equipment / Antal d.o.o., Split  / Invitation"Development of entrepreneurship in the city of Knin"

Project:Competitiveness through computerization/ Car parts Barišić, Požega/ Posiv: "Improving the competitiveness and efficiency of SMEs in areas with developmental peculiarities through information and communication technologies"

Project: Speak-up - Social dialogue to improve working conditions in the road transport sector i / Independent road union, Zagreb / Posandc: "Strengthening social dialogue - phase II"

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Image by Christian Wiediger

Financial consulting

Audit of EU projects



Swiss Entrepreneurs Festival Zürich (2019)

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