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Entrepreneurial Academy

Edukacijski program:
Izrada projektne prijave ne EU natječaj

Mini entrepreneurial academy lasting 5 days


You will learn the necessary steps to set up and start your business. 


Entrepreneurial Academy nintended for beginner entrepreneurs or those who are just about to take the leap into entrepreneurship. The workshop covers all the steps necessary to successfully open a company or business, as well as ways to transform an idea into a marketable one product.   

Education goal:  

To train participants to start their own business and realize their own idea into a marketable product. 

Content of education:  

  • The education is divided into 5 thematic units that are held during the 5 days of the educational program

  • The topics covered by the program are: Development of an entrepreneurial idea, creation of a business plan, mmarketing and branding, digital marketing, finance and accounting, business strategy, capital raising, team building, project management, presentation skills and public speaking


Education incllearns a combination of lectures and exercises, with examples from practice and practical tasks.



The participants are familiar with the processes of starting their own business and ways of examining the profitability of their own idea and transforming the idea into a marketable product. They are also able to apply basic financial accounting and management tools in everyday business. 


Price: 900 euros


What does the registration fee include:  

  • Educational materials for participants (presentations from lectures, case study analyzes and  other educational materials)

  • Refreshments during class

  • Certificate of completion of the program

Lokacija: Zagreb / In house

Termin: 09:00 - 13:00


Datum: prema dogovoru 


Business Club 5 - Sky Office

Roberta F. Mihanovića 9/14

10000 Zagreb


Andrea, Knin

U jedan sat edukacije naučili smo više o EU fondovima nego na višednevnim  programima 

Ivan, Split

Napokon sve bitno o prijavi EU projekta u kratkom vremenu 

Maja, Zagreb

Iako sam bila skeptična da u tjedan dana mogu pohvatati sve bitno za projektnu prijavu, ova radionica me razuvjerila  i uvjerila u suprotno

80 20.jfif
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