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Investment consulting 

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billion euros

2021 - 2027

It was approved for Croatia from EU funds in the period until 2027.

80 - 100

billion euros

from tourism by 2030

Croatia earns between 10 and 11 billion euros from tourism annually, which would be between 80 and 100 billion euros by 2030.

> 20

billion euros

transaction accounts

Citizens hold over 20 billion euros in transaction accounts in banks in Croatia.

With timely information and education, retained and future financial resources can be transformed into investments that bring higher income with security as a significant factor.

We are able to offer investment consulting in cooperation with our partners to:

  • Companies

  • Private persons

  • Public administrations

  • Non-profit organizations

  • To other interested bodies

Our focus is on conservative investments in order to provide our clients with as much security as possible, and at the same time add value to their investments and savings. 

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